NAI provides clients with access to brokers in each discipline with expertise in office, industrial, retail and investment practices – each dedicated and ready to provide our clients with the most comprehensive resources in the industry. We aim to exceed your expectations, building a relationship based on trust with a common goal of long-term success in mind, not just the next transaction.

“Our relationship goes back a few years with NAI Summit, and with John Crampsie. We’ve done several business transactions with NAI and they’ve been very successful business transactions with the group. Working on leasing our space is going quite well. They brought some top notch potentials for leasing our property here at FLSmidth and with all the other transactions we have done they have really brought some real good clients to us to assist us in our business here.

NAI Summit has made it very easy to work with them; John is the kind of guy and Summit is the kind of company you almost feel you can do it with a hand shake instead of a real official contract. I mean, as businesses, we always do work with contracts but I just get the feeling that a handshake with a good person and a business will do with these folks.”

Tim Vansyckle, Global CFO

“I’m very happy with the way our projects went. I came from a long residential background, in regards to land development, and that kind of thing, and about 15 years ago or so, I decided to change focus a little bit and decided to get more into commercial real estate. I had known NAI Summit, for 30 years probably, and I knew their reputation for a long time so when I decided to do that, I reached out to folks at Summit and they were very knowledgeable and I knew that they were very knowledgeable for many, many years. A lot of clients of mine use them and so I interviewed with them and it turned out to be a very good experience.

I think that what I would say about NAI Summit is this, they are a world class operation, they manage things very well and I never hear any complaints from anyone. I get called all the time just because I do commercial development and I’m a land use lawyer and all of things kinds of things and so I get calls all the time, people wanting to try to replace NAI Summit in terms of the management and all the good things that they do.

Now, everybody says that they can do something for less money and maybe they can. But at the end of the day, you get what you pay for and if you want to get what you pay for, you hire Summit. If you want some other process, than go consider something else but it all comes down to risk. Where is your risk tolerance? Mine is, well, when you spend multiple millions dollars for buildings, you want a world class operation to manage them. I happened to choice NAI Summit and I am very happy with them.”

Dennis Benner, Attorney
Benner and Piperato

“NAI Summit has been providing the Professional Services Building with the highest quality in property management and leasing services. The entire NAI Summit staff is attentive, responsive and experts in their field. From financial management to lease negotiation to building maintenance, NAI Summit has allowed us to focus on our responsibilities as owners and to feel absolutely confident that the day-to-day responsibilities associated with management and leasing is in trusted hands.”

Susan Yee, President
Brodhead Associates

“It has been a pleasure working with you over the past 20 +years. Our medical office building was relatively new when we engaged your firm to handle the property management for the partnership. At the onset of our relationship, you committed that you would make the transition seamless and operate the building in a professional, effective and efficient manner. You have been true to your word! Your team of professionals has always been responsive, accurate and reliable with any request we made. NAI Summit’s market knowledge was second to none and your financial analysis and insights proved to be invaluable in guiding us through all of the negotiations and the process to closing. NAI Summit was with us every step of the way.”

Robert D. Solomon, D.D.S., P.C.
MHC Associates

“I want to thank your fine organization for your help in assisting us in locating our new distribution center in Allentown, PA. NAI Summit’s insight into the marketplace and understanding of our needs was invaluable in getting us into the space within our budget and timeline. We use brokers in many cities around the country to facilitate locating our distribution centers and find your organization to be at the top of the list in professionalism and knowledge.”

Reid Wasserstrom
Wasserstrom Investments, Columbus, OH

“NAI Summit has been attentive and responsive to all of our needs and has done an outstanding job in managing the building. I enthusiastically recommend NAI Summit to any group looking for building management, especially a medical office building.”

Charles D. Saunders, M.D.
Managing Partner St. Luke’s Office Building Associates, owners and managers of the Doctor’s Pavilion