Residential Management

Our business is to provide you, the association board or developer, a cost-effective property management service. With over five million square feet in our management portfolio, NAI Summit has the experience and expertise to handle everything from the basic enforcement of association rules and regulations to the preparation of detailed customized monthly financial reports.

Because of the size of the portfolio we manage, we are able to procure goods and services at prices below market rate and are guaranteed preferred customer status with our pre-screened and approved professional vendors. What this means for our clients is better prices and faster service. Our dedicated full time staff is highly trained and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to manage any task from emergency repairs to performing preventative maintenance.

We call the region our home. Not only are NAI Summit’s corporate office located here, but we live here as well; we are entrenched in the area and its surrounding communities and are committed to enhancing the quality of life in your neighborhood.

NAI Summit will be your single point of contact for all communications with occupants, board members, vendors and financial institutions. A specific property manager will be assigned to your community and will get to know the residents in order to promote good association relations.

We know that increasing your communities’ curb appeal with economic foresight is an important advantage of professional management. At NAI Summit our Proactive Approach nets you Business Results!